Dental Implant Placement

Here at Scott Dental Group, we take pride in offering are patients a wide array of procedures including the placement of dental implants.  Being trained at Midwest Dental Institute, Drs. Scott received comprehensive implant training and will use the latest technology and materials to successfully place implants and restore your beautiful smile.  

Below are current implant cases of Drs. Scott:

 Here are two implants surgically placed with healing caps          placed over the implants. After a waiting period, the implants will   be restored with crowns. 

 This patient is missing all of the posterior teeth and his missing    teeth will be replaced with dental implants

 Here are the implants placed with     impression posts attached to the implants.  An impression will be taken of the implants to make a final restoration.

 Here is a picture of the case with the implants in the stone    model.This model will be used to make a final restoration for this  patient.